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We all have our own idea as to what the perfect kitty is and there are so many different types of kitties to suit our individual desires.
Unfortunately, all kitties don't have a home to share with a loving, caring family.   That’s where we step in!   It's a simple concept but
a widely needed one.   The PURRfect KITTY is a place for homeless felines to have a quality of life in a loving environment.

Our Shelter opened on May 20th, 2006 and for over 5 years we operated as a "Shelter-Adoption Center" taking in over 500 kitties
and getting them adopted into wonderful homes.   That number would have been greater, but in 2009 we converted into a facility for
"adult cats only" to help kitties that were more difficult to place and adopt out. This helped to keep the less adoptable kitties out
of the kill shelters and off the streets. We also pulled many adult cats from the municipal shelter and brought them to our facility
so they could be in a loving, spacious environment for as long as needed while they waited for their forever home.

Our Shelter moved in August 2011 and our new location is operating as a "Shelter-Sanctuary" for kitties that are
not adoptable and would otherwise be living outside on the streets struggling to survive. Occasionally a very friendly
kitty will cross our path during a rescue and we will spare no efforts to find him/her a wonderful home. Please be
sure to check out our "Kitties Available For Adoption" page to see kitties currently in our facility that need a home.  



My name is Barbara King . . .
and I would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support. 
Donations and Sponsors are essential for our success and survival.

The PURRfect KITTY  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your generous donation will benefit
the lives of many less fortunate felines. 

This venture is a labor of love for the kitties that count on us to help them have a better way of life.

Click here to make a secure online monetary donation: YES, I want to donate!


The PURRfect KITTY is run by all Volunteers and we have minimal funding.
Every donation helps to keep us going. Thank you for your support!

If you'd like to donate supplies to help the kitties, please see our wish list at:

Wish-List & Additional Information
  Thank you!!


My name is "Angel" and I'm asking everyone to please become a "recurring donor"
by donating just $10 a month to help all the kitties at The PURRfect KITTY.
Funds are always low and we really need your help to keep the Shelter going!
It takes just a few clicks to become a recurring donor!!

When making your first donation, please check the box that says
"Make this a recurring donation" and it's done! No Hassle! No Paperwork!
Your monthly donation will begin on the 1st day of the month following your initial donation.
Click Here: YES, I want to be a recurring donor!

I used to live outside with no human contact & I struggled to survive in
an Industrial Area. Thanks to The PURRfect KITTY, I have a loving, warm,
permanent home at the Shelter. I love living at The PURRfect KITTY,
they gave me a better life!! Your support helps ensure my home forever!
Please ask your friends & family to donate too!
Thank you so much!

Below are photos of me when I was first saved by The PURRfect KITTY in April'07.
Click on photos for a close-up.

Yes, I was very dirty & very pregnant. The PURRfect KITTY rescued me just
2 days before I was due to give birth. Thanks to The PURRfect KITTY,
my babies were not born outside & they now have wonderful homes.
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