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Kitty Heaven

Below are the precious kitties that touched our lives, filled our hearts with joy and made our
world a brighter place. The love and memories will always be with us....we miss them dearly.
These kitties were furry family members of volunteers, dear friends and continuing generous donors.
If you would like a kitty posted on the Kitty Heaven page, please e-mail it to us.
Please make sure the picture is CLEAR and you can see the kitty's face. Please also include the name and dates.

- Click on photos for larger image -

Shelter Sadness

Resident Kitties

"Spirit"                    "Tybo"                    "Seven"            "Magic"                    "Penny"                "Patrick (left)"                 "Teddy"                "Timmy"                "Treasure"

Photobucket  photo Tybo_zpse79eb4d1.jpg Photobucket  photo Magic1_zps6a6f85fc.jpg  photo Penny_zps403d77c8.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  photo Timmy_zps79cb3151.jpg  photo Treasure-1.jpg

Dec 2007 - Mar 2015                     Oct 2011 - Feb 2018
Our 1st fallen resident SPIRIT        Our 2nd fallen resident TYBO

2018 was a difficult year with 5 more losses :( and we lost Timmy & Treasure in 2019 :(

We miss you all!!!

beloved family members

Sunshine Boy "AJ"                         Amazing "Thunder"                           Sweet "Willie" Man
       Photobucket                         Photobucket                            Photobucket        
"A love beyond this world"                     "A precious life taken too soon"                      "We will miss you always"
Nov 2006 - April 2012                                 July 2000 - Oct 2007                                     March 1995 - May 2008

Beautiful Baby Smoosh "Willow"                        Incredible Girl "Shadow"
"CRUSHED beyond words - Missing you so much!"               "You enriched our lives for 20 years"
         July 2008 - January 8, 2019                                                            Dec 1993 - Dec 2013

Steven's Precious Girls

"Peanut"                       "Katie"  
Photobucket  photo Katie 14_zpsajqk8hvc.jpg
"Gone way too soon but will never be forgotten"
March 2008 - May 2010          May 2009 - May 2017

Ken's Sweet "Tabitha"
"A forever lasting love"
Feb 1976 - Sept 1992

Robert & Theresa's Angel "Ashley"
Photobucket Photobucket
"A sweet gentle soul who filled their hearts with joy"
A precious angel who left us way too soon... but will be with us forever
March 2007 - Jan 2011

Nancy & Bill's Darling "Dixie"
 photo Dixie_zpsdf1dc47f.jpg
"Forever in their hearts"
Jan 2004 - July 2014

Jim & Christine's Special Girl "Lily"
 photo Lily_zps2f5c43dd.jpg
"Her love and presence had a powerful purpose"
May 2006 - Dec 2013

Helene's Adorable "Snickers"
 photo SnickersHS_zpshwj8ekav.jpg
"An incredibly loveable boy who left us way too soon"
7 years young

Laura & Mike's Handsome "Andre"
 photo Andrefull.jpg
"Our beautiful boy Andre. We are heartbroken he's gone but his memory
will live in our hearts forever. We love you Andre. Rest In Peace."
Oct 2005 - Nov 2016

Beautiful "Brownie"
Photobucket Photobucket
"A sweet girl who lived an amazing 18-years
against the elements of the outdoors"
1993 - Dec. 2011

Jane & Al's Gorgeous Twins
"Sampson & Deliah"
"Blessed with so many years filled with Love & Joy"
Oct 1991 to Dec 2009 & Feb 2011

Marc & Catherine's little guy "Munchkin"
 photo munchkin_zps05f54df1.jpg
"Forever in their hearts"
Oct 1999 - July 2013

Shelter Sadness at our Newtown Rd. Location

Our Adorable House Kitty
Little "Lilly" Munchkin
June 2005 - June 2007

         "Teeter"                                         "Bubbles"
         Photobucket                            Photobucket
        Nov 2009 - June 2010                                  Feb 2007 - Dec 2010

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