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A Message from the Owner/Operator and Volunteer
of The PURRfect KITTY

I would like to thank everyone who has ever made any kind of donation to our Shelter.
Whether it's supplies from our wish-list, a one-time monetary donation or repeated monetary donations,
all of these donations are a generous & unselfish act of kindness and we truly appreciate it.
All the Volunteers including myself are extremely grateful!

The PURRfect KITTY is a small, private, personalized, non-profit, no-kill facility that relies on donations to function.
We have financially struggled from the start and one way we have survived is due to everyone being a Volunteer.
There is no paid staff at our facility and there never will be.   All of our Volunteers have jobs & families and
they donate their spare time because we all share the same passion... a love for animals.

Our other means of survival is due to generous people who have donated to our cause.
100% of all donations go to helping the kitties and that will always remain the same.

We are not a large operation that receives donation checks in the mail on a daily basis.
We're excited when we see one or maybe two checks in our mailbox per week!   :)
We don't have the funds or the manpower to do big fundraisers or mass mailings but we have the desire to help kitties in need.
Besides, we dont want to harass people to contribute to our cause by sending letters to their homes.

To become a recurring donor is a personal choice and it's one that is going to help keep
The PURRfect KITTY successfully operating as long as there are kind, generous people out there.


Here are a few ways recurring donors have a positive impact on our Shelter:

Photobucket  Recurring donors help secure our facility location and give us peace of mind that we will be able
to continue helping kitties for as long as those generous donors contribute.
Photobucket   Recurring donors help with our major expenses including Food, Litter and Veterinary care.
Photobucket   Recurring donors enable us to work on special projects and programs that will keep us growing in a positive direction.

Photobucket I feel it is extremely important to acknowledge each and every recurring donor because
they are supporting a wonderful cause and helping us to achieve our goals in helping the kitties.
We hope to watch our recurring donor list grow and grow through the years!

Photobucket   Thank you recurring donors!!
Isabelle Belman
Clare Findlay
Kenneth Irsay
The Kanzer Family
Tom Landherr
Kathy Lazar
Barbara Modica
Michelle Scavetta
Sari Sharofsky

Thank you Michelle S. for becoming our newest recurring donor!!
Please be our newest donor! :)


Since Hurricane Sandy, our Recurring Donors list has drastically dropped.
Please consider becoming a Recurring Donor to help the Shelter and the kitties in our care.
Thank you!

Photobucket    It takes just $10 per month and a few clicks to become a recurring donor!!    Photobucket
When making your first donation, please check the box that says
"Make this a Monthly Donation" and it's done!  No Hassle!  No Paperwork!

Thank You So Much !


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